During the 1980’s there was a move amongst some architects to seek to bring back meaning and memory into a practice dominated by literal functionalism. This led me to explore the classical language of sculpture through portraits of familiar public figures in architecture who happened to be around me.

Her portrait busts are more than simply ‘portraits’ or facsimiles – they have a powerful physical and psychological presence…. For me her work has the ‘gravitas’ of classical Roman sculpture.

Michael Sandle RA, Head to Head, 2012

This culminated in a show in New York where I tried to negate the closure of the group by installing the heads on pedestals on a grid, recalling Sol Le Witt’s grids or the ‘tombs’ of Eisenman’s holocaust museum.

And so it is, in this most remarkable and original of the summer’s London gallery shows, that the sculptural genre as practiced by Celia Scott can be experienced, a practice that is increasingly attracting attention and offering prospects for a wider future.

Michael Spens, Reading the Head in studio international, 12/6/2012